Moving to the Future with Technology


Moving to the Future with Technology

YOUNGCHANG was established in 1989 as a small printing business. After years of innovation and research, it was able to expand its business to manufacturing electric and electronic parts.

It has now grown to be a business that manufactures, sells and provides services on products such as operation panels and portable M.P.G. As a stable supplier of high quality products, it is also acknowledged as a company specializing in parts and materials through innovation and quality certifications.

YOUNGCHANG Co., Ltd. will continue its challenge by enthusiastically and creatively seeking change and by advancing its skills to produce not only machine tool products but also to products that can be applied to practical everyday products.

To secure the growth engine of the future, YOUNGCHANG is closely observing the market and is currently preparing itself to enter the international market based on its superb technical skills.

YOUNGCHANG will continue to be a business that strives for client satisfaction and value through ensuring the highest competitiveness.

CEO and Representative of YOUNGCHANG
Lee Gang Dae