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YOUNGCHANG Co., Ltd focuses on factory machine O.P (OPERATION PANEL)!관리자DATE 18-10-26 14:55

Established in 1989, YOUNGCHANG Co., Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction and quality control and after-sales management, and has been continuously developing its products and products to reflect customer needs.

In particular, by developing a push button that can be applied to the factory machine O.P panel part, it is possible to improve the quality of the panel, reduce the manufacturing process, and save cost and time in A / S occurrence.


YOUNGCHANG has been enjoying the popularity of customers by developing a variety of products, and from April 13 (Sun) to 17 (Sun), it will show its machine tool OP at 'SIMTOS 2016' held in KINTEX, Ilsan, .

This product is easy to identify by operation of visual enhancement and application of high brightness LED. It is easy to replace individual parts and symbols,
 and has the characteristic that symbols and letters are not erased. 
In addition, the company's portable MPG has been well received by the visitors with its seamless enclosure and slim design.

So a person who is in charge of YOUNGCHANG said,
"These products were made with excellent technology only by YOUNGCHANG, and we will make efforts to realize customer satisfaction through various products in the future."


Meanwhile, SIMTOS 2016, the largest manufacturing and manufacturing technology exhibition in Korea, was held at the KINTEX 1
 and 2 exhibition site in Goyang City from April 13 (Wednesday) to 17 (Sunday) for 4 nights and 5 days.

The largest exhibition ever, with 1,125 companies from 35 countries participating, this exhibition is not only the representative items of SIMTOS 2016 including machine tools, parts and materials,
tools, but also metalworking such as automation, software, 3D printer, metal cutting, In the first half of the year, the number of entries increased, attracting the attention of related workers.

Particularly, all 6 specialists received the expectations of the visitors as they showed the advanced technology,
 the fusion / composite products, and the smart factory solution for smart manufacturing process and environment.

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