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Sponsored 150 HONEYSTICs by Youngchang Coporation관리자DATE 20-06-16 19:59

Masan General Social Welfare Center (Director Park Heung-seok) was sponsored 150 boxes of Honeystick by Youngchang Enterprises (CEO Lee Kang) on June 9 (Tue).
Youngchang Enterprises (CEO Lee Kang-ang) wanted to deliver it to elderly people living alone in the community who are suffering from the Corona 19 virus and to help improve their health.

Masan General City Welfare Center (Director Park Heung-seok) said,
"Thank you for your help and interest, make sure that the donations are delivered well to the elderly living alone in the region,
and it is a difficult time due to Corona 19, but if you pay attention to your neighbors,
you will be able to overcome it." Sponsored Honeystick will be distributed along with the Chinese lunch box generation,
which is at risk of fasting, and alternative food for free lunch users.
Thank you for helping me.